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Haverford School Today Winter 2017

October 23, 2016 was a historic day for me in two ways. Firstly I counted eighty years. In good health too. Secondly that day my latest book was published: “Boys growing up”. It’s situated in New York Airport. June 30, 1984 it was pouring rain for two days. I was trapped in the departure hall where I met 14 Dutchmen sitting together. We passed the time by telling ‘first times’. These men told in anonymity about their first time petting etc. in all kinds of situations. I wrote down keywords of their stories and many years later compilated their stories into one with a time scale of June 30 – July 2 in that hall. In the book there is one story in English that I like to share the short version of below.

“Atlanta Chronicle Saturday 17 July 1981

Pilot stuck in toilet

Boeing 707 navigator John S. had to be freed by his captain after a secret rendez vous in the staff toilet of the plane. His lady friend Suzan X. had accidentally broken the door lock in an effort to untangle their intimate posture. As both could not be missed during the flight from New York to Honolulu the captain decided to report the couple to his superiors after returning in the Apple. The two lovers were advised to consume their love life to hours off duty. Their awkward experience caused a roar among the jet plane’s personnel, the passengers however were ignorant of the action in the front part of the plane.”